When Creating a Logo

Odds are if you’re going to school for some kind of art major you’ve had to create a flying logo for yourself at one point in time. It can be stressful! Trying to create a symbol that sums up your entire style and personality is harder than one would think! So here are some tips:

1. Relish or Write Off – If you don’t absolutely love it, lose it. This is YOUR logo. There is no excuse out there good enough for you not to love it 100%. 

2. Color is BIG – Color comes with choices. Do want just a single, permanent color palate that doesn’t change no matter where you put your logo? Or do want a logo that changes color as it sits on your webpage? Should you use a color that looks more serious or one that’s more lively and fun? These are all questions that should be answered.

3. Flexibility –  Make sure your design is something that will look good on everything. Business cards, posters, headers, websites, stickers, t-shirts, EVERYTHING. 

4. Big and Small – You also want your logo to look nice whether it’s a thumbnail or a poster, especially if you’re looking to go into gallery work or branding for fashion. 

5. Show it to People as you Figure it Out – This is something you’ll want the world to see, so show it off! All opinions are valid! 

6. RELAX – It’s OK to take your time on this. If your just starting out your style is going to chance slightly as you grow so it’s perfectly normal for you to change your logo as well. Just take a deep breath and remember to look back on it every now and then to make sure your logo still fits you. 


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